Decisions, Damaged Doors and a Day Off

Researching options

I’ve been silent for 2 weeks because the building has progressed slowly. We have spent a lot of time deliberating, phoning and e-mailing.

We also managed a lovely relaxing day out at the Autumn Malvern Show. This was our first purely recreational day since March and was a much needed break from house-building, plants and school.
But still the debates continue:

  • Heating Plans
    Heating plans

    We’ve had endless discussions on the best way to install the round pipework for the heat recovery system. Should we replace it with the new oval ducting which the architect intended or shall we continue to try to fit a round pipe into a square hole?



  • Is a conventional central heating system going to be far more than we need for such a well insulated house? Should we install programmable electric heaters just in the living rooms and have very cheap, manually operated panel heaters elsewhere? If so, how do we heat enough hot water to run a bath?
  • Should the extra lounge window be square or rectangular? Or should we just swap a window with the one in the back bedroom?

And then the actual doors and windows finally arrived. I’m pleased to say that the windows look fine, but the doors have clearly fallen off the back of a lorry at some point in their journey! More photos to take, phone calls to make and e-mails to send.

But we’re still smiling and can’t wait to get the build to a stage where the weather is locked outside each night and the early morning sun streams through the windows.

And friends from the village are still giving up their time to help us, which is fantastic. They deserve a huge ‘thank you’.