Getting plastered

Phew – we finally managed to fix battens everywhere they were needed and finish all the downstairs first-fix plumbing and door frames ready for professional plasterers to start work last Monday morning. Although we could have fixed and filled the tapered-edge plasterboards ourselves, we decided this was one job which would be done so much better by a skilled, experienced team. And our anonymous pair of plasterers have done a fantastic job so far. We now have walls that are as smooth as a beautifully iced cake.

And the plasterers are really enjoying transforming the interior of our Wikihouse. On some walls they can screw the plasterboard straight to the plywood sheet, while on others they are screwing it to our battens. Everything being so straight and precisely square is, apparently, a novelty.

Unfortunately everyone’s signatures under the stairs were covered over a long time ago, but the plasterers found their own way of leaving their mark – plasterboard screws form the shape of their initials for posterity!

The other wonderful thing about Wikihouse is that minor re-designs can be done quite late on in the build and without needing to consult an architect. We recently decided that the pipework for the dining room/office radiator really needed to be recessed in the wall – so we popped a wall panel off, removed the insulation, and then decided to recess the whole radiator. But then we thought it would also be nice to have shelving above the radiator. So Martin built a vertical box to hide the pipes, added two horizontal pieces of plywood, and we now have storage space for our accounts folders, catalogues etc. and for my teaching files. And when we eventually retire, the shelves will provide a home for civilised things like ornaments and photographs!



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