The extra window

Monday 15th Feb was half-a-year from the start of our build. Martin had declared that from then on he would resume nursery work on Mondays and Tuesdays, so house-building would be now be confined to the weekends. I had decided to take the opportunity of taking a lot of new photos, cataloguing this point in time in detail, and updating the blog. However our friends and the weather had other ideas! After 9 storms had each brought rain to the UK over the previous 3 months, our field had become waterlogged. But on that Monday the squelch of mud finally gave way to the crunch of frost, and the sky had changed from various (fewer than 50!) shades of grey to a brilliant blue. Consequently, 2 friends from the village disobeyed instructions, arrived at 11am and declared that we were fitting the extra window in the lounge!

We are now pleased that they did. While the two upstairs bedrooms and the bathroom still have their lovely cottagey feel, the lounge has become much lighter and the views will be stunning once our mobile home and cars are moved from the foreground. (Below in italics is a piece of advice for anyone fitting windows in the future.)

Inside the house we have now finished fitting the green polythene vapour barrier to the floor. To prevent this from tearing, we have tacked hardboard sheets over it, which will serve as a good base for vinyl or wooden flooring – another decision we’ve yet to make. Since it is impractical to remove our shoes on entering the building, we have covered the hardboard with temporary cheap polythene dustsheets, which will catch any dirt, and then we have protected those with flattened cardboard boxes! Hopefully the boxes will be finished with long before November 5th when they can all go on the village bonfire.

We have also been planning out the wetroom and bathroom fittings and drainage and looking at samples of wall panels for each of these rooms.

Our hindsight on fitting the windows: Before fitting each window we have been sticking very expensive expanding foam tape to the edge of the window frame. On this final window we had a narrower gap between the frame and the timber panelling of the house.  so some of the expanding foam tape came off as we lifted the window into position. We decided to carry on and hoped that we could push it in afterwards. In fact, we found this far easier. So, for any future house-builders using expanding tape, we would recommend fitting the ‘nude’ window first and then apply the tape afterwards. Unfortunately we had been advised otherwise and we have now had to finish some of the frames with flashing tape because the foam tape has expanded too rapidly and then twisted on fitting.