We can fix it!

We were glad that our metal roofing sheets were all fully secure when the snow fell last weekend. And as soon as we have one more dry day, we can pop on the last few plastic caps which cover the metal fittings. Then the roof will be complete and we can concentrate on all the other jobs that we have started but not yet finished!

With the better weather, we have begun to fit the oak cladding to the South wall. It is air-dried jointed oak with a wide tongue and groove profile, and we think it looks great. It needs no treating and it will naturally silver in time.

A lot is going on inside the house. The heating engineers have started to install the copper pipework for the radiators, and the electrician has fitted a fusebox and some temporary sockets. This means that we no longer have to open a window to bring a power cable in whenever we want to plug the heater in!

We have started to thread bright red pipework around the building which will provide ventilation. Air will be extracted from the bathroom, wetroom and kitchen and will pass slowly through the heat recovery unit to warm the incoming air which will be distributed to the other rooms in the house. Connecting all the pipes to the right holes at the right angles in quite a confined space could be tricky. To make it easier we have extended the cavity that was designed to house this unit. In so doing, we have altered the wall above a bedroom door to align it with the front of the adjacent built-in wardrobes, which are partly recessed in the central wall of the house, resulting in an extra long doorway into the bedroom.

Now that the windows and external doors are all fixed in position, we have removed the temporary wedges and have replaced them with permanent plastic packers. This was one of the less physical jobs but required patience to tape together the right combination of coloured plastic rectangles to just fit the gap between each corner of every window frame and the adjacent wall.

Will we be in by the end of February? I don’t think so, but hopefully by the end of the summer!



New Year’s Day 2016

At the start of a New Year, and four months into the build,  this is how we now feel:

Proud of what we, and our helpers,  have achieved so far.

Frustrated that we had a week of inactivity before Christmas, largely because Martin had a bug and asthma which left him too tired and weak to do any physical work.

Relieved that we now have a front and back door in position and lockable.

Keen to get the external cladding on.

Grateful to everyone who has helped in any way.

Muddy due to the mobile home now being at the bottom of the field. Wellies are now our usual footwear but unfortunately the dogs don’t have any! We have built a walkway out of pallets and second-hand boards to improve the situation.

Thankful that we are not in a part of the Country that is flooded.

Amazed at the global interest in our project. We had no idea that we would be inspiring people throughout the World.

Concerned that we haven’t spent enough time looking after Martin’s business or the mobile home.

Hopeful that we can move into our new house at the end of February.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.