Roof work and a back door

Shortly after we fitted the windows, nearly 4 weeks ago, we were able to add the roof sheets to the North side of the house. With the help of a local farmer, the sheets were lifted up with a forklift and then slid up the battens and into position. Unfortunately the South side is more complicated but we have now fitted our two skylights and the soil stack (probably the least exciting part of the whole build!), so we are hoping for the wind and rain to clear so that we can fit the remaining sheets and the ridge cap.

While waiting for that weather-window, we have been working inside the house, but last weekend we were able to fit the replacement back door. We have had to wait a long time for it, but it now blocks the South-Westerly wind, the driving rain and most of the outside noise. Even though we still have a large gap on the North side of the house, the interior is now strangely silent.

We have also rigged up a heater and a light so that we can work on beyond 4pm if necessary.