Five weeks on …

In 5 weeks we have gone from this …
… this


During the last week we have cut more polystyrene, fitted more panels, puzzled out some tricky bits, wondered why the gas pipe to the hob has still not appeared, had downpours of rain that left the hollow by the back door full of water for a few hours, borrowed a panel lift for fitting the upstairs ceiling, and taken delivery of the roof cladding. This is plastic coated sheet metal which is often used on agricultural barns.

I am regularly being asked what the eventual finish of the walls will be, so here is the answer. On the outside we shall put horizontal  tongue and groove oak cladding, which will be fastened to the battens on the waterproof membrane. Inside the membrane is a sandwich of 2 sheets of 18mm thick plywood filled with polystyrene. On the inside of that will be a thin polythene sheet to act as a vapour barrier. Then more battens will be screwed on to support the internal finish of plasterboard sheets. And then there’ll be us – as snug as a bug in a rug!




All wrapped up

This week has been so much calmer. We finished wrapping the whole of the exterior with Tyvec waterproof membrane, so we are no longer having to race against the rain clouds. I haven’t bothered looking up the weather forecast at all and the last 2 days have been sunny and warm.

Our main task now is to fit the interior plywood panels so that we can similarly wrap the whole of the inside with a vapour barrier, so that steam from the kettle or shower cannot seep into the plywood. Before this can be done polystyrene insulation has to be put into the wall and floor cavities. Various people, usually working in pairs, have tackled this task over the last week or two. Yesterday it was our turn to measure, cut and then adapt each piece to fit. We had the advantage of now knowing to put candle wax on the saw blade, but I still ended up looking like a snowman as the beads of polystyrene clung to my clothes, my hair and my skin!

We have removed the page for signing up to help with this amazing build, but there is still lots to do. If you are interested in helping, please get in touch using our contact form.

The dogs are happier now that the floor is almost complete and they can walk through to where we are working. And Jet has discovered that he can sit in the open doorway and look out, just as he used to before.