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Exterior panels all on

Over the weekend we fitted all the exterior panels to the end walls, so the basic shape of the house is now complete. And already we are thinking of taking one back out and ordering an extra window on Tuesday! This is because it seems a shame to have covered up so much of the view from our upstairs lounge.

Our volunteers have also waged war on polystyrene by measuring, cutting and carving the blocks to fit into wall, ceiling and floor spaces. And yesterday the waterproof membrane got tucked neatly round the eaves at the gable ends and extended down the panels.

Now it is a very rainy bank holiday Monday and I am sitting in the portacabin listening to the rain and trying to do some more preparation work for returning to my job as a part-time teacher. From now on the build process will slow down as we shall be working on it for a maximum of 4 days per week, but by the end of today we hope to have achieved our aim of getting a waterproof structure erected by the end of the summer.


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