Frame Frenzy

Over 4 days we have made new friends, a bit of a mess (which we have cleared up) and the 9 downstairs frames which are the main structure of the our house.

Emotions have ranged from

bewilderment: just how do all these parts fit together?

panic: have we got enough screws? (We hadn’t, so we have now bought the entire stock of a certain screw size from 5 different Screwfix stores across the Midlands, and a B&Q, as well as ordering over 100 more boxes!)

amazement: so many people have given up an entire weekend or more to help wield mallets, cordless screwdrivers and drills to construct the frames.

pain: I was stung by a bee!

awe: the frames went from a being in a neat pile on the ground to being vertical with surprising ease.

gratitude: to everyone who has helped in any way including WI members providing cakes for the crew.

hilarity: watching Molly (one of our collies) attempting to join in!

forgiveness: I won’t mention the missing connectors which are stopping us from raising the other 5 frames!

Hopefully the impending rain won’t manage to penetrate our massive covers and we shall be able to work inside them to construct the floor.





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